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One of the most impotant goals of NEDA is to keep rules to the barest of minimums.

1) All drives must have at least one pulse and respiration check somewhere between the start and the finish of the drive. Any recovery criteria that are deemed appropriate for the climate, (weather), terrain, etc….may be used. Any entry that includes more than one equine must have all animals recover to criteria at each check.

2) A drive must be at least 20 miles in length to be eligible for NEDA sanctioning. A drive/ride which is called 25 miles MUST BE 25 miles. It must not be shorter by any percentage. If a drive/ride is 22 miles in length, it shall be called 22 miles, and the entrants will receive credit for 22 miles.

3) Any type of vehicle or conveyance may be used, ans long as it has at least one wheel or runner.

4) Any number of animals may be used, but there must be one passenger for each animal more then one.

5) Any draft animal will be allowed as long as they are at least 4 years of age (48 months).

6) Sanction applications and fee must be received by NEDA at least 40 days prior to the proposed event.

7) Recognition must be given to the winner (fastest time) and all finishers.

8) The NEDA Administrators have authority over all matters concerning NEDA, will insure proper use of NEDA rules and guidelines, and assure continuity of the sport.

9) Outriders will start with the last driver.


NEDA suggests that the trail be adequately marked with ribbon, line and/or signs, etc…..in such a way that the trail may be followed at speed by the drivers and outriders.

NEDA suggests that the drivers draw for starting position, and start at one minute intervals. The final (total elapsed time) time for each entry must be calculated taking into account the various start times. Drivers must be timed to the second due to staggered start. Riders are timed in order of finish.

NEDA suggests that each event be planned in a manner by which the entrants do not proceed more than 20 miles without a pulse and respiration check.

NEDA suggests that an award be given to the overall winners, driver and outrider, and to any and all special categories to be determined by the event manager, as well as all finishers who complete the course within the pre-determined criteria and times. (NEDA does not have a rule regarding maximum time for completion of a course that is to be decided by the event manager).

NEDA suggests that there be a meal and award presentation after the event at which time the participants may receive recognition and get acquainted.