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Endurance Driving began in the minds of a few people in 1972 when the first 50 mile endurance ride began. The 50 mile ride was the Derby Ditch 50 held in Fernley, Nevada. Some fantasized about driving horses over the course as part of the competition. It was not until 1989 that the first Endurance Drive was held in Silver Springs, Nevada at the distance of 23 miles. The following 4th of July 1990, NEDA, the National Endurance Driving Association was formed after a drive held in Grass Valley, California. In March of 1991, NEDA had its first awards presentation, held during the American Endurance Ride Conference convention.

NEDA has developed a point system consisting of 1 point per mile plus 1 point for every entrant that you finish in front of. The winner also receives an additional 20 points, second receives an additional 10 points, and third receives an additional 5 points. Some NEDA members would rather ride their horses than drive, so they are called Outriders. Some members both ride and drive. Points are awarded to the rider or driver only. Year end awards are also given to the animals based on the number of miles ridden or driven or both. No additional points are given to the animals for placement in the drive/ride.

NEDA is administered by Steve and Cecelia Thompson at 5405 Lemon St in Silver Springs, Nevada. They host a number of drives/rides at their home and offer a variety of well marked trails with excellent footing. Winter drives/ rides include Lahontan Reservoir beach and milder weather than areas closer to the Sierra Nevada mountains.