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A.I.R. Products currently available:

1. VIP - Viewpoint Interpretive Product, provides 24/7 interpretive content for points of interest; with optional commercial offerings and advertisements. VIP allows visitors to the area to be informed of the attractions and services available nearby.

2. CPR – Compliance Protection Regulations, provides 24/7 interpretive information for locations were public health, safety or compliance with Federal, State, County, City or Local laws or cooperation is needed. Optional remote update capability allows easy modification of information to provide current information updates.

3. TIP – Transportable Information Product, allowing mobile information broadcast systems. TIP can be provided by A.I.R. with contract quote for event or service. Allows portable and vehicle mounted systems to meet dynamic requirements.

4. TAP – Transmitting Announcement Product; allows broadcast and audio for special events. By combining Broadcast Radio, Public Address Audio, Wireless Mikes, etc. This unit would also benefit Convention Center, Fair and Rodeo entities. Specifics provided by A.I.R. on request.


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