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Put Your Favorite Location or Event ON THE AIR

- AIR is the 24/7, "never sick", "green as it gets", "low footprint", method to put your custom message into every car and portable radio within 300 feet of your location or event.

- Professionally Produced Digital Content, assures you Consistent, High quality delivery of your message, each and every time it is presented to the public. Audio examples available.

- Less than $3 a day puts you ON THE AIR. A High Tech Solution with Low Tech Simplicity.

- Site Specific Delivery, assures you that your message is being delivered to exactly Who and Where you intend it to be. No wasted effort, you know exactly where they are. No more mass media "shotgun deliveries" or "fishing trips".

- Easily changed content, allows you to assure a timely message, reflecting the seasons and special events.

Call 360-749-4050 to get your favorite location or event ON THE AIR today.


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